Adanko d.o.o. was established in 1986 as a small knitting business which has grown into a medium sized factory with more than 80 employees. With more than 30 years of experience, mainly in loan business for knitwear fashion brand companies, Adanko is now one of the leading knitting companies in the Balkans. The factory is equipped with the latest models of knitting machines. The excellent design patterns are made of the high quality imported materials like wool, cotton, acrylic - wool blend, cotton - acrylic  blend, etc.

Due to the modern technology and high quality of the raw materials, the Adanko Company is exporting 99% of its products to Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Russia, etc...

Our company is expanding its program and at the same time, we are increasing the number of  our business partners from all around the world. We are always open to new ideas and partners.


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International trading


Adanko is in loan business for knitwear brand companies all this years, because we always respect our clients and its contracts…

Great market allowed us to do trade all over the world with different goods, and our customs warehouse makes it easier for us and our costumers whole process for export-import.

Always ready for new things make us more then knitting factory, we are now  authorized dealer for additional materials and spare parts









The word is derived from the word - knot and ultimately from old English cnyttan, to knot. One of the earliest known examples of true knitting was cotton socks with stranded knit color patterns found in Egypt, from the end of the first millennium AD. Originally a male-only occupation, the first knitting trade guild was started in Paris in 1527. With invention of the knitting machine, knitting “by hand” become a craft used only by country people with easy access to fiber. With development of economy, machine-knitting is one of the most cost-effective ways of producing knitted products, while handmade is only for those with a “deeper” pockets.

source: Wikipedia


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